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The New Reformation Story

The New Reformation Story

The Reformation began during the Middle Ages. The official starting point of the Reformation is when Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses to the door of the Wittenberg Church. Luther founded his own sect of Christianity known as Lutherans. Since that time, thousands of denominations have sprung up. Most of those denominations are the children and grandchildren of the first Protestant denominations, such as Presbyterians, Lutherans, Baptists, and many others. Luther, and other leaders called for reform within the Catholic Church, but took their own followers away from the Catholic Church to found their own offshoots. This was the first phase of the Reformation.

The New Reformation is a seed that has been planted in my mind for over a year now. Today's Christian Church is desperately in need of reform. The Church no longer stands firmly against sin, but allows sin to creep thru it's doors slowly. Currently, much less than half of youth who claim to be Christian plan to continue to attend church throughout their life. Today's youth are seeking to find fulfillment in other 'spiritual(non-Christian) pursuits. Theologians and preachers are beginning to doubt the inerrancy of God's Word. Church members no longer volunteer to help in the church. The Church in America has grown lazy. We no longer rely on God, because we have everything we need. We face no persecution for our beliefs, so for many, Sunday is merely a family pastime. It causes one to wonder what would happen if our government suddenly declared Christianity illegal. How many seats would be empty in the local church? Would any members show up? Would the pastor show up?

What can be done about this growing threat to the Church? It is time for the true believers to take a stand. It is time for the Church to expect more out of her members. We cannot claim to be Christian unless we rise up from our comfortable pew and help others in need. We cannot claim the name of Christ unless we step forth and demand better of ourselves and our fellow congregants. We cannot claim the faith of our Fathers unless we truly live it. The Church should beware when it is left alone. The Church is under a much greater threat now than twenty years ago. Twenty years ago, Christianity was labeled as a threat to evolution and was attacked in the classrooms. In many cases, this merely emboldened Christians. Today however, Christianity is tolerated like one would tolerate a noisy child in a supermarket. It is this threat that poses an even greater danger to the Church. And many Church-goers are content with this arrangement. The time has come for believers to take to arms and sound the battle cry. This time however, the change must start from the inside. Before we tell the neighbors how to clean their yard, let's get ours done first.

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